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For over 16 years I have owned a company, Caitlin Enterprises, L.L.C., that has provided computing support to small businesses.  Several years ago one of my clients was asked to set up online registration for a government conference she was managing.  Her statement to me was: “Online — that means computers; computers means Chiquita.”  I had not previously set up any online registration systems but she had confidence that I could do it — and I did.  One of my other clients heard about it and asked if I could also provide that type of service for her clients.  Setting up the online registration systems led to generating badges (mail merge is second nature to me) and actually helping out with the onsite registration process.  I realized that I liked doing this type of work and wanted to learn more about the whole event management process.  I have always enjoyed classroom learning and when I discovered that Montgomery College offered a  Certificate Program in Event Management I signed up.  After completing the certificate program I decided that I wanted to do more in the events field and felt as if that part of my business needed a different identity.  Thus the spin-off of Alexandra Anthony Event Services as a division of Caitlin Enterprises.  Working in the event management field has made me understand that I need to do more in the social media arena.  For Alexandra Anthony Event Services, I have a Facebook page, a Pinterest page and this blog.    My goal for this blog is to let you know some of the things that I learned about in the events field that are of interest to me and that I hope will be of interest to you.